A trap for metal girl

Metal Girl is a crime fighter super heroine chasing Dark Girl, one of the evilest superheroine always looking for an opportunity to beat down Metal Girl.
In a full moon night in the suburbs of New York City, Metal Girl went through a perilous situation by following a call saying that Dark Girl was there smuggling drugs… but it is a trap! When Dark Girl appear the two super heroines begin to fight with bare hands, kicks and low bows, but eventually Metal Girl is taking her hand over Dark Girl, so that she’s running away hiding in a forlorn abandoned warehouse. When hiding there she meets a sinister hooked figure that promises to help her giving a magic powerful ring. With it she can finally defeat Metal Girl! At this point Dark Girl takes her revenge over that sassy and arrogant superheroine, after draining all her super powers out, she begins to kick her repeatedly on her stomach, punching on her beautiful face and slapping her until she’s red like a lobster. Eventually she jumps on her belly making the poor Metal Girl screaming and crying from the pain. Dark Girl is now happy that she finally punished and humiliated her rival, she can now be the number one villain and show to all other crime fighter super heroines that she’s the only one to rule the city!

Starring: Metal Girl

Uploaded: January 16, 2019

Duration: 8 minutes and 10 seconds

Format: MP4 Video

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

File Size: 990 MB

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Price: $7.99 USD

Highlights: female/female fight, laser beam, kicks, belly punches, face punches, low bows, belly kicks, jump over belly, face slaps.