Golden Girl And The Criminal

In this superheroine video the beautiful Golden Girl is chasing a criminal in a dismissed industrial area where thugs are doing their trades. Eventually she founds the bad guy and beats him up with punches, kicks and belly kicks. He eventually found out that he can’t cope with her super powers so he runs away. He hides under a highway bridge, but she founds him again and punishing him with her super powers.
He can only run away again! While hiding he remembers that in his car trunk he has a suitcase with a hypnotic necklace. He managed to take the suitcase and she reaches Golden Girl with his hands rose in surrender. The stupid and arrogant Golden Girl fall in his trap! He hypnotizes the sassy super heroine and drains her super powers out. Finally the Criminal knocks her down with belly kicks, face slaps and a KO face punch!
She’s totally defeated and helpless fainted on the ground and missing a tooth!

Starring: Golden Girl

Uploaded: May 07, 2018

Duration: 6 minutes

Format: MP4 Video

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

File Size: 328 MB

Delivery: Instant Download

Price: $5.99 USD

Highlights: male/female fight, hypnotic necklace, belly kicks, face slaps, KO face punch


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