Kitty Girl fucked up!

In this episode Kitty Girl is tracking La Madame’s drug business trying to put an end to this evilness. After she has found their hideout in the most dangerous abandoned industrial site of the city, she immediately fight with two smugglers. A fight with punches, low bows, belly punch, canes and kicks is now taking place in this abandoned wasteland. Eventually she’s beaten up and knock down. She’s over the shoulder carried walking fearless in the streets of the city to La Madame while she’s still unconscious. At La Madame place, she lays unconscious on a bed while two thugs are taping her tightly. La Madame is laughing at her. When Kitty Girl awakes, La Madame began to spank her ass punishing her to interfere in her business. Kitty Girl is a stubborn super heroine, therefore she tries again to stop La Madame drug affaires. After a long fight with a baseball bat with two thugs, she eventually fall knocked out. She’s carried over the shoulder to La Madame headquarter. She’s rope tied on a bed again and La Madame injects in her beautiful ass, a powerful sleeping drug. When she wakes up, La Madame is ready to unmask Kitty Girl and to fuck her ass before she again passed out with another injection!

Starring: Kitty Girl

Uploaded: July 10, 2019

Duration: 16 minutes and 21 seconds

Format: MP4 Video

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

File Size: 1,02 GB

Delivery: Instant Download

Price: $14.99 USD

Highlights: male/female fight, kicks, belly punches, face punches, low bows, belly kicks, tape bondage, multiple KOs, rope bondage, injections, unmasking, spanking, breast touching, passing out.


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