Kitty girl’s vendetta!

In this episode Kitty Girl is taking her vendetta towards La Madame by interfering in her drug business. After she has found their hideout in the most dangerous abandoned industrial site of the city, she immediately fight with the two smugglers. A fight with punches, low bows, belly punch, canes and kicks is now taking place in this abandoned wasteland. Eventually she’s beaten up and knock down. She’s over the shoulder carried walking fearless in the streets of the city to La Madame while she’s still unconscious.

At La Madame place, she’s tie up with a tape on a bed and she’s getting undressed personally by La Madame. Her boots are removed showing her bare legs and feet. When she wakes up La Madame shuts her mouth with a tape. After that she’s tied with a rope and unmasked by La Madame hands. Kitty Girl is now completely helpless. La Madame knows Kitty Girl weakest point and that is she’s very ticklish, therefore La Madame rope tied her legs and scratches her feet with her hands and long nails. Her suffering and distress is very long and Kitty Girl is screaming while La Madame is laughing at her.

Then Kitty Girl is chloroformed by La Madame, after she passed out, La Madame touch her boobs, panties and legs, laughing at her and leaving the poor Kitty Girl passed out and bonded on the bed.

Starring: Kitty Girl

Uploaded: May 09, 2019

Duration: 15 minutes and 32 seconds

Format: MP4 Video

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

File Size: 963 MB

Delivery: Instant Download

Price: $14.99 USD

Highlights: male/female fight, kicks, belly punches, face punches, low bows, belly kicks, tape bondage, gagging, multiple KOs, rope bondage, chloroform, unmasking, tickling, bare feet, passing out.


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