Superheroines Death Match Behind The Scene

Hey super heroines’ fans, here some infos on my latest super heroines video. It was shot some times ago in Lviv, Ukraine with a very professional crew and 2 amazing fighting girls. The blond short haired is a professional MMA fighter and along with her trainer they trained the other girl who is a go go dancer. Nevertheless, both of them learned a difficult scheme of fights and they enjoyed the shooting.

We shot in an abandoned factory on a temperature below the zero Celsius degrees! As you can see in one picture, as long as we stopped shooting for technical reasons, the two poor girl immediately took their coats on. It was an amazing experience and I would surely shoot again with professional trainees in martial arts, thats definitely improves the quality of the fight and the overall storyline.

My next production will be about Cat Woman and for this video we hired not one but two trainees in martial art and the girl playing Cat Woman is a real sexy babe! Stay tuned!

Superheroines Death Match! (4)

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