Superheroines death match!

The Master needs to find the best super heroine to fight the villains in the city. The only way to select them is through a death match fight! The one who will survive must be the best crimefighter! It’s a ruthless bootcamp! He already prepared everything and so the two heroines, after a hide and seek game, they meet each other in an abandoned factory. They already know what’s the purpose of that encounter, without too much talk they start to fight. No super powers are allowed in this trial, they must fight bare hands in multiple catfights to show the Master how’s gonna be the very best. Only one will survive! In this super heroines video there are plenty of kicks, slaps, punches and low bows, because these super heroines are 100% committed to defeat the other and to be the only one in front of the Master’s eyes! Multiple KOs and a survivor!

Uploaded: February 05, 2018

Duration: 7 minutes and 8 seconds

Format: MP4 Video

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

File Size: 824 MB

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female/female fight, catfights, kicks, belly punches, face punches, low bows, belly kicks, face slaps, multiple KOs and a deadly KO.